Mana Hotels: The Best Resort near Ranakpur Jain Temple

Rajasthan is known for its natural beauty and royal fortresses. With mountain range, lakes and desert, all rolled into one terrain, Rajasthan presents a landscape that is breathtakingly beautiful and soulfully serene. Ranakpur is one such small town with a lot of character and very less contamination, social, cultural or environmental. Ranakpur is a lesser known tourist destination, but it offers a lot more than visitor’s expectations, and to make the whole experience worth it, Mana Hotels makes sure that each visitor get the full attention and support in travelling Ranakpur, and strategically located just a five minutes’ drive away from the main Ranakpur town, Mana Hotel also offers an unparalleled experience of seeing the traditional Raika (camel rearing tribe) lifestyle up close, along with the local sight-seeing, which includes Ranakpur Jain Temple, Ranakpur dam and nearby attractions.

Ranakpur Jain temple is the major attraction in Ranakpur and it is one of the oldest temples built in Rajasthan. It has a great religious as well as architectural importance. It is built in a way that it has four similar entrances, one for each direction, and intricate carving in the whole temple structure. Other attractions include Ranakpur dam, which is a small dam hidden away in the wilderness of Ranakpur offering the breath-taking view of unperturbed nature. Apart from this, there is a place called Aarogyadham, which is a botanical garden containing all the important medicinal plants according to Ayurveda. Another site is Thandi Beri, which is essentially a forest guest house by the lake. Other heritage sites like Surya Narayan Temple, Muchhal Mahavir temple and Tirthankara trail, which can be visited easily from Mana Hotel. Being situated at such a location, it is best of the hotels in Ranakpur.

But to make it the best, the hotel staff has arranged for most adventurous activities inside and outside the hotel along with the luxurious facilities for a comfortable stay. These include the swimming pool, sports, private cinema hall, rain dance and DJ nights, and workshops for pottery, and cooking along with folk songs, dance and puppet show inside, and outside the hotel, bullock cart rides, hot air balloon ride and heritage train ride have been arranged to keep the guests entertained.

Ranakpur is a religious place for Jainism followers and a lot of Jains flock in here from all over the world to see many Jain temples. Apart from the main Ranakpur Jain Temple, there are other Jain Temples in Ranakpur that are built with equal grandeur and opulence, like Golden Jain Temple in Falna, Jahaj Mandir at Mandwala (Jalore), and Sadri, which makes Ranakpur a sought after destination for the religious Jain devotees.


MANA: The finest Ranakpur hotels and resorts

Hospitality is the most dynamic and progressive industry in the world and only those who pay great attention to detail are able to sustain them in this industry. There are many luxury hotels in India but when it comes to small towns that have religious, historical and cultural importance, or unparalleled natural beauty, it becomes imperative to open a few hotels for the people to stay while visiting such remote places. Equipped only with limited resources, Ranakpur is a small town in Rajasthan, famous for its rich cultural heritage and historical importance due to the Jain Temple built in medieval era, but Mana Hotels has developed its resort with all the modern facilities to give its guests an experience of the lifetime.

Among top Ranakpur hotels and resorts, Mana Hotels is a renowned name with a five star rating from its guests. It is a hotel which is built keeping in mind that Ranakpur offers only a limited scenery and there needs to be so much more to keep the visitors entertained, for which, it has made arrangements for many relaxing services like massages, spa, and fun by the pool, rejuvenation with yoga at Ranakpur dam, sports like swimming, outdoor sports and indoor games, skill development workshops like pottery, cooking classes and small competitions like tee shirt painting, etc. for children. The adventure activities include trekking on Tirthankara trail, hot air balloon ride, camel ride, heritage train ride, bullock cart ride etc., indulgence with the choice of food and drinks and entertainment with movies in its exclusive cinema hall, puppet show, folk music and dance along with a lot many activities and events according to the occasions or festivals falling on particular dates.

A small town with a lot to offer, Ranakpur tourist places mainly include a number of temples which are spread across the expanse of the town. The most prominent here is Ranakpur Jain Temple built for Tirthankara Rishabhnath and other attractions include Suryanarayan Temple (Sun Temple), built in the same complex, Parshuram Mahadev Temple, Muchhal Mahavir temple, Ranakpur Dam, and Thandi Beri, the forest guest house by the lake. Mana arranges an exclusive tour for its visitors for Ranakpur sightseeing where it doesn’t only cover the renowned tourist destinations, but also the local feel of the culture that can be experienced only at the local sites like farmer’s market, stud farm, cottage industry called Camel Charisma, Ranakpur Aarogyadham, Raika home and other such places, which makes it the best of all for a wholesome experience.

The reason why Mana has been successful can be seen in the way guests talk about it afterwards. All the reviews on websites like TripAdvisor indicate the good repute of Mana Hotels that it has built over the years, serving the clients to their satisfaction and taking the services one step ahead, making the experiences memorable for all its clients, which makes it literally the best resort in Ranakpur.

Mana: The Best Resort for Weekend Getaway from Ahmedabad

Kumbhalgarh has always been the place of historical importance because of the great palace and fort of Kumbhalgarh, built in the 15th century by Rana Kumbha, who wanted it to be grand, and so, he built a wall that was 38km long, that is the second greatest wall after great wall of China, the resemblance is evident. The wilderness of that place is also celebrated and is a hot spot for the diversity of species, because of which it gained the status of a wildlife reserve. Ever since the forest area has become a ‘National Park’, the bird-watchers and other wildlife enthusiast come here for satiating their hunger for watching the wildlife. For this purpose, many lodging arrangements are built in this area. The best of all Resorts near Kumbhalgarh is Mana Hotels, which is located in Ranakpur. Inviting, as it looks, Mana Hotels is one of the favourite mini-holiday spot of the Gujarat crowd.

Ranakpur is one of the most fascinating weekend getaways from Ahmedabad, as it is a pleasant drive and has the tourist attractions so close to each other that they can be covered in a couple of days. The people come here for the sight-seeing of Kumbhalgarh Fort, National Park, Ranakpur Jain Temple, Ranakpur Dam and other attractions, but most of all they want to relax with their families in the premises of the resort. While visiting Ranakpur, the stay at Mana Hotels could take the whole experience to another level.

To make sure that they have a lot to do in the resort itself, Mana has built a number of activities, exclusively for its guests. From traditional folk dance, songs, puppet shows to modern DJ nights, rain dance and exclusive cinema hall, from Champi to body massage and spa, from Rajasthani Thali to global cuisine, from camel ride to hot air balloon ride, Mana offers its clients the beautiful amalgamation of traditional and modern choices that do not only keep the guests entertained, but also provides them abundant activities to participate in, that too with amazing offers and deals on the stay, food and other purchases.

The infrastructure of Mana is very well developed and is complete by the courteous staff. It is situated in the midst of a beautiful valley and has an advantage of beautiful view from all the rooms. The architecture of Mana Hotels is nothing less than a high class modern designer edifice with metal bars and glass clad roofs with perfectly manicured gardens and swimming pool, and landscaped surroundings.

Mana Hotel’s staffs are always enthusiastic and set new standards for the hospitality which is unique in its class. Mana gives its guests exactly what they have come for, a lot of fun and time to relax and unwind, which makes it the best of the resorts in Ranakpur.

Mana Hotels: The best resort near Kumbhalgarh

Rajasthan is scattered with a number of forts, palaces and lakes that have been used by royal families for about 2000 years, the oldest of which is supposed to be built in second century A.D. Out of the majestic Rajasthani fort palaces, the most famous is Kumbhalgarh Fort, which is the second largest fort after Chittorgarh fort. This fort was built somewhere in 6th century and Rajput Rulers of Mewar region have been taking care of this fort ever since. Although that’s just one attraction in a huge package of Kumbhalgarh sightseeing, which includes Badal Mahal, Kumbhalgarh National Park and nearby places of religious, historical and cultural importance, like Ranakpur. Badal Mahal is built on the top of Kumbhalgarh fort, famous for its grand architecture and spellbinding scenic beauty seen from there. Kumbhalgarh National Park is loved by adventurous people who love trekking, leopard safari and exploring wilderness. And Ranakpur is famous for its biggest Jain temple. Strategically located close to all these places, Mana Hotels is the best resort to stay while visiting here.

Mana Hotels is one of the best Resorts near Kumbhalgarh, offering everything that is luxurious and expected from a luxury resort and so much more to its guests, which is the reason it has been rated among the top hotels in Ranakpur in all the well-known travel websites. Trip Advisor has become the standard website where all the resorts and hotels are ranked according to the ratings as provided by the people who post the reviews, and these real time reviews become the magnitude of the points that it gets, after which it is ranked, and to the utter pleasure of the Mana Hotel Staff, it has been ranked second among all the hotels in or nearby Ranakpur. The architecture, services and cost effectiveness have been ranked as the best in all classes of resorts, and it is being counted among the best luxury hotels.

Mana has gained this repute for its exceptional services, which are discussed in almost all the reviews, complimenting the whole staff or a member in particular for taking great care of their guests. The best part of Mana is that it has married modern look and luxury with traditional realm and royalty of Rajasthan, which conveys Rajasthan’s rich culture effectively, without making its guests uncomfortable, or left disconnected because of their urbane choices. All the experiences at one place are not just hard to find, they are impossible to find under one roof, and Mana excels in it by complementing traditional with modern at its best, which makes it the winner among the best hotels in Ranakpur, to get a wholesome, all inclusive vacation experience.

The finest hotels in Ranakpur Rajasthan

Rajasthan is known for its forts, temples and deserts, but most of all, it is known for its rich culture. Ranakpur is one such small town which has so much cultural and architectural riches, of which Ranakpur Jain Temple is the most worthy.

Ranakpur Jain temple is the most attractive site to visit in Ranakpur which has garnered a specific demographic of tourists from all over the world who admire the peace and quiet of an idyllic setting in midst of a beautiful valley. The temple was built in 15th century, but it stands resolute to this day, without any damage and each of the carving still intact. Its artwork is praiseworthy and the campus is huge, with four grand entrances and 1444 marble pillars, telling the tale of its glorious past. Dedicated to the first Tirthankara of Jainism, Tirthankara Adinath or Rishabhnath, this temple makes the most sacred place of worship for the Jain community all over the world, but that’s not the only place to see in Ranakpur.

The most remarkable of these are Ranakpur Dam, Kumbhalgarh National Park, Kumbhalgarh Palace, Badal Mahal, and Muchhal Mahavir Temple, lakes, hills and verdant valley covered with light clouds, maintaining a pleasant temperature all year round. To see this magical reign of beauty, people come from all parts of the world. Mana Hotel is one of the best hotels in Ranakpur Rajasthan to stay while visiting this little heaven, as it enhances the trip with its prompt and exemplary services, polite and courteous staff delicious food and most of all, a chance to touch and feel the real culture of Rajasthan with its culinary classes, pottery classes, champi, folk songs and dances, and puppet show.

Mana Hotels promises the hospitality that has been unseen and unheard of in this class of hotels. Being a budget luxury hotel, it gives you all the luxury in a budgeted price. Mana Hotels also offers the exclusive trips to all the places to visit in Ranakpur and Kumbhalgarh as it is at an advantageous location, close to both the places. Ranakpur tourist places that are most of the time skipped by any tour planner are covered by the trips from Mana, like Thandi Beri, local farmer’s market, stud farms etc. are offered to Mana’s guests exclusively. Special sessions like Yoga classes at Ranakpur Dam in the morning, high tea at the same place in the evening, heritage train rides, bullock cart rides and leopard safari, hot air balloon rides, Saturday night events, rain dance, personal theatre showing the best movies are the features that set Mana apart from any other hotel in the area, making it the first choice of all the visitors.

Mana Hotels: The best Ranakpur hotels and resorts

Rajasthan is known for being one of the best tourism states in India. With its amazing sandy deserts to beautiful Aravalli mountain range, deep blue-grey lakes and islands in between, Rajasthan presents its visitors picturesque natural scenery that bewitches every soul. Moreover, it is the state of the valorous rulers who made a number of forts and palaces and temples that now stand strong, telling their stories through the history of hundreds of centuries. And as we see now, most of the palaces, forts, and royal gardens are built in the most picturesque locations which have become the famous tourist attractions of the country.

But there is still an untainted little town in Rajasthan that has preserved its heritage like no other. This place has it all, natural breath-taking scenery, a temple that was built in medieval era, a national park with numerous plants and animals, and a huge fort. This amazing place is Ranakpur. There is a lot that you can experience during Ranakpur sightseeing but Ranakpur owes its share of fame to the grand Jain Chaturmukha Temple, popularly known as Ranakpur Jain Temple, which has been standing resolute for over seven centuries. Ranakpur Jain Temple is the biggest Jain temple in India with unmatched architecture and incomparable carving designs.

Very close to Ranakpur is the fort of Rana Kumbha who aided the construction of this majestic temple. There are many hotels where you can plan your stay while visiting these grandiose structures, but the best of Ranakpur hotels and resorts is Mana Hotels. Nestled in a small beautiful valley of Ranakpur, it is a resort offering you all the luxuries of the big city hotels with contemporary architecture and interiors, at the same time keeping the traditional Rajasthani culture alive in each little detail, making you experience Indian Rajasthani culture in new light. It creates a comfortable modern ambience for its guests, welcomes them with the grandeur of Rajputana style, and takes them to show this little city around making sure you have a good time there.

Apart from The Jain temple, other Ranakpur tourist places include the Ranakpur Dam, which is a perfect place to see the sunrise or spend a quiet evening, Thandi Beri, a forest department place to stay for a while to admire the natural beauty of this tranquil place and Shri Falna Swarna Jain Tirth – Golden Jain Temple among other temples. Mana Hotels also creates memorable experiences for you by offering camel rides, hot air balloon rides, bullock cart rides, heritage train ride, puppet shows, pottery and cooking classes, and village tour, making it a vacation for you to remember all years.

Mana hotels: The best hotels near Kumbhalgarh Fort

Rajasthan is full of the forts and palaces which used to be the living space of the royal families with their high and thick walls, manned for protection from the enemies. Kumbhalgarh is one such fort which is known for its high protection wall with the length of the protection wall is around 35 km, making an appearance like the Great Wall of China. Apart from this, Kumbhalgarh National Park is also a famous spot for seeing the leopard and other species of animals and birds in the area.

Mana Hotels is the best of all the hotels near Kumbhalgarh Fort, be it the infrastructure or the services, Mana Hotels offers the very best to its customers. Mana Hotels is popular for providing the best deals on all the occasions and even in the celebrations and peak seasons which usually are too expensive in other hotels, at the same time. Mana Hotels also offer the transportation to and from Airport as well as the Safari to the local wilderness.

Apart from the main two attractions, viz. Kumbhalgarh Main Fort and Kumbhalgarh National Park, there are other Kumbhalgarh sightseeing places as well, like Badal Mahal, which is the topmost part of the main fort and has two sections, Mardana Mahal and Zanana Mahal. Another attraction is Mammadev Temple, which has an amazing architecture and it also has cenotaphs in memory of two great warrior kings, Rana Kumbha and Raja Prithviraj Chauhan. The third attraction is Neelkanth Mahadeo Temple.

While visiting Kumbhalgarh, you can’t miss the opportunity to visit the nearby places, of which Ranakpur is the most interesting little village to rest your feet in. Among the most famous places to visit in Ranakpur are the Ranakpur Jain Temple which has been standing resolute since fifteenth century, Suryanarayan Temple, Ranakpur Dam etc. Mana Hotels exclusively offers the pleasant stay and amazing services for visiting Ranakpur and Kumbhalgarh. Apart from being the most luxurious place to stay in the vicinity, Mana Hotels is also your short tour manager there. It gives the detailed tour with the local guide to the nearby places providing you the once in a lifetime experience of places such as Thandi Beri, Ranakpur Aarogyadham, Ranakpur village and farmer’s market and Raika Home Visit.

Along with this, it also provides bullock cart and camel rides, heritage trains and air balloons ride as well as indigenous crafts, pottery and cooking classes. While you are inside the hotel premises, Mana Hotel offers all that is expected from a luxury hotel and more. DJ Night, Rain Dance, Outdoor and indoor sports, private movie watching and romantic couple dinner are offered along with steam bath, sauna, swimming pool, events and celebrations on occasions, which makes Mana Hotels the best place to stay while visiting Ranakpur and Kumbhalgarh.