MANA: The finest Ranakpur hotels and resorts

Hospitality is the most dynamic and progressive industry in the world and only those who pay great attention to detail are able to sustain them in this industry. There are many luxury hotels in India but when it comes to small towns that have religious, historical and cultural importance, or unparalleled natural beauty, it becomes imperative to open a few hotels for the people to stay while visiting such remote places. Equipped only with limited resources, Ranakpur is a small town in Rajasthan, famous for its rich cultural heritage and historical importance due to the Jain Temple built in medieval era, but Mana Hotels has developed its resort with all the modern facilities to give its guests an experience of the lifetime.

Among top Ranakpur hotels and resorts, Mana Hotels is a renowned name with a five star rating from its guests. It is a hotel which is built keeping in mind that Ranakpur offers only a limited scenery and there needs to be so much more to keep the visitors entertained, for which, it has made arrangements for many relaxing services like massages, spa, and fun by the pool, rejuvenation with yoga at Ranakpur dam, sports like swimming, outdoor sports and indoor games, skill development workshops like pottery, cooking classes and small competitions like tee shirt painting, etc. for children. The adventure activities include trekking on Tirthankara trail, hot air balloon ride, camel ride, heritage train ride, bullock cart ride etc., indulgence with the choice of food and drinks and entertainment with movies in its exclusive cinema hall, puppet show, folk music and dance along with a lot many activities and events according to the occasions or festivals falling on particular dates.

A small town with a lot to offer, Ranakpur tourist places mainly include a number of temples which are spread across the expanse of the town. The most prominent here is Ranakpur Jain Temple built for Tirthankara Rishabhnath and other attractions include Suryanarayan Temple (Sun Temple), built in the same complex, Parshuram Mahadev Temple, Muchhal Mahavir temple, Ranakpur Dam, and Thandi Beri, the forest guest house by the lake. Mana arranges an exclusive tour for its visitors for Ranakpur sightseeing where it doesn’t only cover the renowned tourist destinations, but also the local feel of the culture that can be experienced only at the local sites like farmer’s market, stud farm, cottage industry called Camel Charisma, Ranakpur Aarogyadham, Raika home and other such places, which makes it the best of all for a wholesome experience.

The reason why Mana has been successful can be seen in the way guests talk about it afterwards. All the reviews on websites like TripAdvisor indicate the good repute of Mana Hotels that it has built over the years, serving the clients to their satisfaction and taking the services one step ahead, making the experiences memorable for all its clients, which makes it literally the best resort in Ranakpur.


Author: manaranakpur

Mana Hotels is without a doubt the best luxury resort in Ranakpur.The tranquility at this hotel and food served is another enticing highlight of Mana Hotels & Resorts.

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