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Rajasthan has its amazing heritage of regal palaces and royal fortresses that are scattered in the beautiful backdrop of the mountains, lakes, valleys, desert and dunes. One of the most famous and the most beautiful fort is Kumbhalgarh fort. With the bushy greens of semi-arid hills, it rises majestically, overlooking the small town, like protecting it. Along with the other attractive places to visit, Kumbhalgarh Fort is the major attraction in Rajasthan, and to see this place, people pour in from all over the world. And to accommodate them Hotels near Kumbhalgarh Fort have been opened. Among all these hotels, Mana Hotel in Ranakpur is the best for staying while visiting Kumbhalgarh.

Mana Hotels offers the best and the most luxurious environment for the tourists to stay while visiting Ranakpur and Kumbhalgarh. There are many other places which you can visit during Kumbhalgarh sightseeing, viz., Kumbhalgarh National Park, Badal Mahal, Vedi Temple, Mammadev Temple, and Neelkanth Mahadeo Temp. Kumbhalgarh National Park offers a breath-taking scenery of plants on hills and various animals in their own habitat, also, the jeep safari to discover the leopards and other animals in hiding are also available, offering the most beautiful sight of wild animals being themselves in the lap of nature. Manmade wondrous temples are no less when it comes to finding the peace. The temples mentioned above are beautifully built by the people of medieval and early modern times, giving the glimpse to the cultures of those times.

Mana Hotels presents the best accommodation in or around Kumbhalgarh because of the beautiful hotel building and services it provides its visitors. Its building is built in the contemporary style with the structure supported by the steel bars and rods, giving it a fresh look in the midst of old looking usual Haveli like structured hotels. This structure is surrounded by tastefully landscaped gardens, a beautiful pool and a lot of stone walled corridors to the lawns, making it more primitive surroundings, covering the beautiful modern building. The services that are offered by Mana Hotels to its guests are also unique. These include the traditional and modern activities that are designed to entertain the guests with different tastes. From champi (traditional head massage), pottery workshop and folk dances to hot air balloon rides, DJ and rain dance, the services of Mana Hotels never fail to amaze its guests, and keep them engaged in some activity or another. Some of these activities are: indoor games and outdoor sports, sand pits, swings, t-shirt painting competitions for kids, horseback riding, camel ride, bullock cart rides, cooking classes, puppet show, magic show, folk dance, Ghazal programme, musical night, orchestra, and karaoke. For all the prompt service and beautifully decorations of the room, combined with all the above mentioned entertainment facilities and activities to keep the guests amused, Mana is considered as one of the best hotels in Ranakpur.


Mana: The Best Resort for Weekend Getaway from Ahmedabad

Kumbhalgarh has always been the place of historical importance because of the great palace and fort of Kumbhalgarh, built in the 15th century by Rana Kumbha, who wanted it to be grand, and so, he built a wall that was 38km long, that is the second greatest wall after great wall of China, the resemblance is evident. The wilderness of that place is also celebrated and is a hot spot for the diversity of species, because of which it gained the status of a wildlife reserve. Ever since the forest area has become a ‘National Park’, the bird-watchers and other wildlife enthusiast come here for satiating their hunger for watching the wildlife. For this purpose, many lodging arrangements are built in this area. The best of all Resorts near Kumbhalgarh is Mana Hotels, which is located in Ranakpur. Inviting, as it looks, Mana Hotels is one of the favourite mini-holiday spot of the Gujarat crowd.

Ranakpur is one of the most fascinating weekend getaways from Ahmedabad, as it is a pleasant drive and has the tourist attractions so close to each other that they can be covered in a couple of days. The people come here for the sight-seeing of Kumbhalgarh Fort, National Park, Ranakpur Jain Temple, Ranakpur Dam and other attractions, but most of all they want to relax with their families in the premises of the resort. While visiting Ranakpur, the stay at Mana Hotels could take the whole experience to another level.

To make sure that they have a lot to do in the resort itself, Mana has built a number of activities, exclusively for its guests. From traditional folk dance, songs, puppet shows to modern DJ nights, rain dance and exclusive cinema hall, from Champi to body massage and spa, from Rajasthani Thali to global cuisine, from camel ride to hot air balloon ride, Mana offers its clients the beautiful amalgamation of traditional and modern choices that do not only keep the guests entertained, but also provides them abundant activities to participate in, that too with amazing offers and deals on the stay, food and other purchases.

The infrastructure of Mana is very well developed and is complete by the courteous staff. It is situated in the midst of a beautiful valley and has an advantage of beautiful view from all the rooms. The architecture of Mana Hotels is nothing less than a high class modern designer edifice with metal bars and glass clad roofs with perfectly manicured gardens and swimming pool, and landscaped surroundings.

Mana Hotel’s staffs are always enthusiastic and set new standards for the hospitality which is unique in its class. Mana gives its guests exactly what they have come for, a lot of fun and time to relax and unwind, which makes it the best of the resorts in Ranakpur.

MANA Ranakpur hotels and resorts

Ranakpur is a little town situated in the valley of Aravalli ranges in the royal state of Rajasthan. It is a culturally and historically rich town that boasts of being the home to the world’s largest Jain Temple. Although it is not the only thing Ranakpur has, but it is a major landmark to give recognition to Ranakpur and render is one of the most beautiful secluded tourist place in India.

Ranakpur is well known for its Jain heritage which is well exhibited through the legendary Ranakpur Jain temples. There are many temples dedicated to Jainism in Ranakpur, like Chaturmukha temple, more commonly known as The Ranakpur Jain Temple, Ranakpur Sun Temple or Suryanarayan Temple, Suparshavanath Temple, and Muchhal Mahavir Temple. Apart from the Jain Temple, Ranakpur also has other beautiful natural and man-made wonders that are breath-taking. These include Kumbhalgarh Fort, which is known for its 36 km long huge wall, Kumbhalgarh bird sanctuary, which is a home to any endangered species of animals and a vacation spot for hundreds of migratory birds, Ranakpur Dam, which has all the makings of a quiet romantic place for thee couple or an isolated yoga place for health conscious people.

Mana Hotels is rated the best among top Ranakpur hotels and resorts on various portals like Trip Advisor, mainly for its location, infrastructure, and services. The infrastructure of the Mana Hotels is the perfect amalgamation of contemporary European architecture and interiors, and traditional Rajasthani elements to set the cultural atmosphere like charpai (rope cot) by the pool. The services provided by the courteous staff are prompt and well-executed as per the customer requests. The events also include the best of both worlds, from puppet show and pottery to rain dance and DJ night, Mana is sure to entertain you to the fullest.

Apart from the stay, Mana Hotels also arrange for the tours that show the visitors around all the major Ranakpur tourist places, and coupled with the interesting activities, these tours come alive with the pottery and puppetry show. Along with these, the tour to local farmer market, heritage train, morning Yoga, and following the trails deep in the forest are major attractions from Mana Hotels, apart from the regular camel ride, organised trips to Thandi Beri, Ranakpur Dam and Kumbhalgarh Fort, and safari to Kumbhalgarh National park.

All in all, Ranakpur is worth spending quality time, especially with your friends and family and Mana Hotels offers the best packages and services for a memorable vacation with your loved ones.

Mana Hotels – A Leading Name Among Ranakpur Hotels and Resorts

The lovely tourist attraction Ranakpur is a standout amongst the most renowned spots to visit in Pali, Rajasthan. This place is honored with the sublimity of the Ranakpur Jain Temples which is one of the best devout goals for the pupil and that acquires the memory of the religious advancement of Jain Religion. Having been situated around 56 miles (90 kilometers) North of Udaipur. Jain Temples in Ranakpur is famous all around the globe and worldwide travelers come to find serenity amid the beautifully designed temples representing the essence of the Jain religion in a pious manner.

Mount Abu is another popular site in the nearby region of Ranakpur. Popularly renowned as the green oasis in the desert of Rajasthan and the only one hill station in this state, Mount Abu offers the various sightseeing options to the tourists. Having outfitted with the marvel of nature, this hill station is encompassed by rich and sprouting greens to charm your eyes and it is recognized among the top places to visit in Ranakpur. To visit these spots in Rajasthan, you would need to have a deep insight of the existing Ranakpur hotels and resorts as well so that you can enjoy the friendly stay and explore the nearby tourist places in the most enticing manners. The wide range of luxury facilities being offered to the tourists, the serene environment, and the easier accessibility to the nearby tourist place, make this hotel as the topmost choice. Besides Ranakpur and Mount Abu; Kumbhalgarh Fort is one another destination in the vicinity of Mana Hotels where the tourists can enjoy the royal sights as Kumbhalgarh is the world heritage site included in hill forts of Rajasthan.

During a well-planned tour to Ranakpur, Mount Abu ad Kumbhalgarh Fort, Mana Hotels adds the magnificent charm. Mana Hotels, located in the close proximity of the Ranakpur Jain Temples has the worldwide popularity among the tourists coming from diverse corners of the world. The hospitality professionals at Mana Hotels guarantee that each of your needs is appropriately considered and you get the best treatment as a visitor in this resort. The management committee at Mana Hotels makes sure that the tourists are able to enjoy a secure, serene and hassle-free living experience.

Finding a best hotels in Ranakpur

Rajasthan is well endowed with the rich history and stories of rulers’ valour and pride, their love for art and desire for greatness. Rajasthan has over 200 forts in one state, which is a huge number even for countries to have. Although Rajasthan has been developed urbanely for the tourism purposes, but all the places in this state still have an ancient aura around them. One such place to get the real feel of Rajasthan is Ranakpur.

Ranakpur is famous for its Chaumukha Jain Temple, which is dedicated to Jain’s first Tirthankar, dedicated to Tirthankar Rishabhanatha or Adinath. It is said that out of 1444 aesthetically carved pillars in the temple complex, no two are the same. Also, the temple has similar entrance from all the four directions, like the faces of the temple, for which it got its name as Chaumukha temple, a representation of the Jainism Philosophy that Tirthankar Adinath has conquered all the four directions.

Although well known for its huge Jain temple, Ranakpur sightseeing has many more temples, sacred places, and famous spots to offer. A few such places include Surya Narayan Temple, Ranakpur Dam, Thandi Beri Lake are the attractions inside main Ranakpur area. However, there are a lot of places around Ranakpur that attract tourists more, like Kumbhalgarh Fort, which is known for its 36 kilometre long wall, creating the impression of the great wall of China, Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, which is the home to a number of endangered bird and animal species, offers exclusive Leopard Safari in the jeep, and Muchhal Mahavir Temple, known for its famous story of Lord’s idol growing moustache overnight.

A lot of hotels near Kumbhalgarh Fort offer accommodation and services in the area, but the hotel most appreciated by the guests is Mana Hotel, for its exceptional service and the true feel of luxury in affordable rates. Mana is counted among the best hotels in Ranakpur as it doesn’t only offer a nice accommodation and facilities for its guests, but it also provides great services that are incomparable. Mana’s team is most admired by its guests for the courteous behaviour, help at each step and great food prepared diligently by the chef. Mana is known for setting and keep raising the standards of hospitality in the area, making it a dream vacation for every guest.

Weekend Getaways from Ahmedabad

Nestled in the small valley, Ranakpur is a small town easily accessible by road, from nearby airports and railway stations. It is situated in a lush green valley surrounded by the beautiful hills of Aravalli range that stands there resolute, nurturing this little town in its verdant lap. Just outside the centre of the town, there is a beautiful resort that invites you to its luxurious retreat. Strategically situated amid the mountain range and by a seasonal river, Mana Hotel gives the best possible view of the hills, greenery and, if you are there right after monsoons, then a flowing fresh river, a breath-taking picture that’d remain painted in your mind forever.

Mana is counted among the best hotels in Ranakpur because of its view and interiors that are tastefully done to complement the raw, unaltered beauty of Rajasthan, complemented with the courteous staff and matchless service. Mana Hotel also offers site seeing and excursion activities that are made more fun by picnic party arranged by Mana, exclusively for its guests. There are many sites to be visited in/near Ranakpur, Ranakpur Dam, Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Dilwara Temples, Kumbhalgarh fort etc.

Ranakpur Jain Temples

Among other magnificent details that attract you to this wonderful place are Ranakpur Jain temples. Built by a local Jain businessman in 15th century, it is a huge temple made up of light coloured marble. It took over 50 years to complete the main shrine and total 65 years to complete this architectural marvel containing 29 halls, 1444 pillars and 80 domes.

Ranakpur Jain temple is a huge temple complex housing smaller portions for different Tirthankars and deities, adding to its grandeur. The main temple is dedicated to the first Tirthankar, Rishabhdev or Adinath ji. There are three other temples in the same complex, out of which two are dedicated to Neminath (22nd saint) and Surya Narayan (Sun God). The speciality of this temple is that out of its 1444 pillars, no 2 have same carving design. Also, the intricate sculpting work looks like delicate lace, than strong marble. Standing for 500 years, and it is still intact, evidently shows the unmatched craftsmanship of the sculptor and well calculated architecture.

It is perfect for the weekend getaways from nearby places like Delhi, different parts of Rajasthan and nearby cities of MP and Gujarat. So, if you are looking for weekend getaways from Ahmedabad, Delhi or any other close by place, it could just be your destination; coupled with Mana Hotel’s welcome and service, it will become an weekend to be remembered forever.

Mana Hotels: Best Resort near Kumbhalgarh to Stay

For the people who are visiting Rajasthan for the first time, the major attractions are its gigantic forts, nestled in the sandy scrubby hill ranges of Aravalli. Out of the huge list of 30 forts in Rajasthan alone, stand some of the greatest wonders of early architecture. The second greatest fort, after the largest Chittorgarh fort is Kumbhalgarh Fort, which is known for its 36 kilometer long wall which has a fair resemblance to the great wall of China, except for its much smaller 36 km than Great wall’s 8852 km. Kumbhalgarh sightseeing doesn’t just limit to the incredible Kumbhalgarh Fort, but it also expands to other superb attractions like the Neelkanth Mahadev temple, Badal Mahal in Rajasmand area and Kumbhalgarh Wildlife sanctuary.

Kumbhalgarh Wildlife sanctuary is famous for its leopards and bird-watching. It has many species of flora and fauna, a lot which come under endangered category. To visit all these attractions, you’ll need to stay at a place nearby so that you can reach the temples on their prayer timings, and natural places early in the morning for the sight-seeing. Along with that it is required that the place where you stay connects you with the main road so that you can reach easily. There are many options where you can stay and enjoy your visit to Kumbhalgarh.

Among the popular hotels near Kumbhalgarh Fort, Mana Hotel is the best one to stay and enjoy the sight-seeing in Kumbhalgarh as well as Ranakpur, as it is situated in Ranakpur and is quite close to the highway that takes you to Kumbhalgarh. Also, according to the reviews and feedback from the guests, it serves the best food and service and hospitality. With a lot of offers running for the guests to make most of their vacations in different seasons on various occasions, Mana Hotels wins the hearts of everyone who ever chooses to stay there.

So, the next time you are looking for great Resorts near Kumbhalgarh, choose Mana for its finest welcome, hospitality and great food.