Choose best hotels in Ranakpur Rajasthan for comfortable stay

While Rajasthan is perceived to be the hot arid state in India, there is this whole other part of this stunning state that is beautifully splashed with the cool mountains and lakes, making for one of the best hill stations in the country. The places like Mount Abu and Udaipur are the major tourist attractions during summers as they offer pleasant temperatures, picturesque sights and innumerable lakes that cool the temperatures further. Nestled in a small serene valley, there is this tiny town by the name of Ranakpur. And what makes it truly great is the historical and cultural value of this place, which is best perceived in its Chaturmukha Jain Temple, which is one of the biggest and oldest Jain temples in the world, people from all over the world come to see this amazing marble marvel. Here are a few fascinating facts about Ranakpur:

  1. Ranakpur Jain Temple is the central point in the town of Ranakpur and is almost 700 years old.
  2. All the parts of this huge edifice, from walls to pillars to floors are intricately carved, and no two carvings are the same.
  3. There is a Surya Narayan Temple situated within the temple complex which is almost 200 years older than rest of the temple.
  4. There are many temples like Muchhal Mahavir Temple or Falna Jain Temple nearby, which serve as great tourist attractions in Ranakpur.
  5. There are other Ranakpur tourist places that attract the attention of tourists, like Ranakpur Dam, Thandi Beri, Kumbhalgarh Fort and Kumbhalgarh National Park (nearby).
  6. Having an authentic traditional Rajasthani lunch or dinner is a great way to spend time at Thandi Beri, which is a forest lodge.
  7. Ranakpur sightseeing is not limited to the temples and natural scenic beauty. There are a lot of great activities to experience like Heritage train Ride, or local farmer’s market and Raika home visit.
  8. Treading the Tirthankara trail is one of the most interesting adventure to take part in Ranakpur
  9. There are many hotels in Ranakpur Rajasthan, but Mana Ranakpur is closest to the Jain Temple and also offers fun activities to the guests of all age groups.
  10. Mana Hotel is situated near a lake, which gives the visitors a beautiful lake view from upper floors.
  11. Mana Ranakpur entertains its guests with puppet show and Bollywood nights.
  12. Mana Hotel also offers Yoga sessions and High Tea at Ranakpur dam, hot air balloon ride, pottery and cooking classes for its guests.

All these interesting facts are made more special by the hospitality of the local people who are very simple, helpful and kind, and they make it a point to give you the happy memories that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

So, go and visit this hidden away treasure of a town for the weekend or more and see for yourself the traditional, historical and cultural grandeur of this little town, and stay at Mana Ranakpur hotel for the unparalleled hospitality.


Mana Hotels: The Finest Resort in Ranakpur

Rajasthan is the most beautiful state of India, which is bejewelled with not only the natural mountains, lakes and deserts, but also with the marvellous man-made monuments and royal culture of the civilization. One little town that has it all is Ranakpur and it offers natural, historical, cultural and architectural heritage and to have the best experience of all these, several Hotels in Ranakpur Rajasthan have been opened. The best hotel to stay while visiting Ranakpur is Mana Hotels that is a mere 5 minutes’ drive from the main Ranakpur town where the Chaturmukha Jain temple is situated. The natural beauty and forts are the main attraction for the tourists to see the regal richness of this place, and to visit with utmost comfort, the resorts and hotels need to be developed luxuriously for the Indian and foreign visitors to truly enjoy and have an experience of the lifetime. And Mana Hotels makes sure that their services exceed all expectations of the visitors, not only in terms of food, lodging and site seeing, but also indoors activities and outdoors experiences.

For indoors entertainment, Mana organises several competitions for children and pottery and cooking classes for the adults. Along with this, Mana also offers the bullock cart ride, hot air balloon ride and camel rides to its guests. Also, Mana is famous for making the experience special for its guests, so it includes private lunch, a movie with food experience, rain dance and DJ night, for the entertainment of the guests, puppet shows and fold music and dance are arranged for.  Moreover, the indoor sports, outdoor sports, in room dining, swimming pool and a lot more to keep the guests engaged while they are there. To make the outdoor experiences thrilling and relaxing for the guests, Mana Hotels arrange yoga in the morning and high tea in the evening at Ranakpur dam, along with the lunch art Thandi Beri. Mana Hotels also arrange for an exclusive trip to Ranakpur town where the guests can enjoy heritage train rides, purchase greens from local farmer’s market and visit Raika (camel rearing tribe) homes. The guests can also go for site seeing.

The most famous Ranakpur tourist places include The Jain Temple, Surya Narayan Temple, Aarogyadham, Muchhal Mahavir Temple, Tirthankara trail and the remains of the wells used by the royal families. The nearby places include Kumbhalgarh fort, Kumbhalgarh National Park, Falna Golden Jain Temple and stud farm with beautiful and healthy horses. The location of Ranakpur is central to all these attractions and Mana Hotels has chosen this to make it convenient for the guests to go to any of these places without any difficulty. Also, it is very close to Udaipur, Falna and Ahmedabad. Added to it delicious food and amicable staff of Mana Hotels, and exciting deals pleasant drive from Ahmedabad, which takes only a few hours to reach in the midst of this beautiful valley makes it one of the most perfect weekend getaways from Ahmedabad.

A great stay at MANA – Resorts near Mount Abu

If you are planning to visit Rajasthan to explore the royal beauty of the state then Mana Hotel which is one of the best resorts near Mount Abu will serve you delicately and you would love to explore the nearby regions of Ranakpur and Mount Abu. Once you are in Rajasthan you must know that there are several tourist places to visit near Mount Abu. There are several natural sights and heritages near Mount Abu which are the favorite destinations of the tourists from all over the world such as Jain Temples, Kumbhalgarh Forts and the forest region of Mount Abu to explore the diversity of nature. These areas of Ranakpur, Kumbhalgarh, and Mount Abu has several resorts to get the peace of mind and plan your travel in a very comfortable way. While visiting these regions of Rajasthan, one must be aware of the resorts near Kumbhalgarh Fort.


Mana Hotels has been recognized as one of the best hotels near Kumbhalgarh Fort which has the track record of serving the tourists or the guests in Rajasthan in the best possible manner over the years. With its years of experience in providing the quality service to the visitors or tourists from all across the world, Mana Hotels has become the foremost choice of the tourists visiting this region over the decades. Each working staff of the Mana Hotels is highly professional and committed to bring pleasant smiles on the faces of visitors. It is located in a premier location of Rajasthan from where Ranakpur and Mount Abu regions could be explored in a very convenient way. Mount Abu is popularly known as the green oasis in the desert of Rajasthan and it is the only hill station in this state. Blessed with the ultimate beauty of nature, in a surrounding of lush and blooming greens, Mount Abu offers the most adorable scenic views to the visitors. Having a stay in the Mana Hotels which is the most popular resort in Mount Abu and enjoying the great nature apart from exploring the royal structures of Rajasthan could be the best memorable moments of your life.

Mana Hotels is one of the best luxury resort in Rajasthan, especially in the popular tourist region. Established beside the seasonal river, this resort has everything to offer you as per your luxurious taste. You will have the perfect healing experience at this resort and you would love to explore the beautiful surroundings, replete of the famous tourist destinations of the world in a rejuvenating way and with a more energetic approach. Mana Hotels offer all the advantages to access all the required services in this resort in a friendly budget. The food and the hospitality services offered here are of great quality. Because of its location and the efficient hospitality standards, this hotel has become the foremost choice of the tourist coming from the different corners of the world.