Mana Ranakpur: The Best Hotel in Ranakpur to Stay While Visiting Ranakpur


Ranakpur is a tiny little town in the state of Rajasthan, but its glory is no less than the historical reign of Mewar itself. Ranakpur was one of the most prominent places for the people of that time and continues to be so till present. It was under the kingdom of Rana Kumbha who was a very brave, kind and religious. It was during his reign that Jainism got popularity and he became one of the most prominent figures by providing aids and resources to build Jain Temples in Ranakpur. The masterpiece of 15th century, Ranakpur Jain Temple, which stands till date, was built with his support.

Ranakpur Adinath Jain temple, which is also known as Chaturmukha Jain Temple, is one of the most magnificent monuments in the country. It is entirely made up of the white marble and is famous for its intricate carvings that adorn the walls, pillars and ceilings. The most amazing fact is that each piece of carving is unique and among 1444 pillars no two have same design. Another interesting fact is that it has four entrances which have been built in similarity to each other; these represent the four directions Jainism has spread out.

However, Along with the Kumbhalgarh Fort and Kumbhalgarh National Park, Ranakpur becomes more of a tourist destination than a pilgrimage. To enjoy this serene place in the lap of unadulterated nature, tourists look for hotels in Ranakpur that could provide them with the insight on the significance of this place, at the same time offer interesting activities inside the resort to keep them entertained at all times, which Mana Hotel has gained popularity for.

Mana Ranakpur is a beautifully constructed hotel in the middle of the natural landscape and offers a great view of the property to its guests. Its architecture is done in a modern way to provide maximum comfort and convenience to its guests, at the same time, the services offered include both modern and traditional Rajasthani, which makes it gem of a resort to be situated in such a tiny town. The traditional activities that Mana Hotels offers include special head and body massages, pottery classes, puppet show, cultural music and dance show, animal rides, heritage train, bullock cart, hot air balloon ride, morning yoga sessions and evening high tea at Ranakpur Dam, and visit to Tirthankar trail, Thandi Beri (along with lunch), Raika Homes, Aarogyadham, and local farmer’s market. The modern amusing activities include DJ nights and rain dance, T-shirt painting classes for kids, cooking classes, and Bollywood nights.

At Mana Ranakpur, special occasions are also made more celebratory with customized decorations, cocktail parties, romantic dinners and romantic room and bath decoration. With a hearty spread of the delicious cuisine, Mana Ranakpur never fails to delight its guests with the excursions and activities it offers its guests for them to get the complete feel of their visit to this royal region.


Mana Ranakpur is the best hotels in Ranakpur

Ranakpur is a beautiful little town in the royal state of Rajasthan, known for its rich cultural and religious history. It came under the royal empire of Mewar, which was the biggest ruling center of Rajasthan in twelfth to fifteenth century. The edifices designed and created that time still stand resolute, witnessing the changing face of the region. These buildings include the famous fort of Kumbhalgarh, Ranakpur Jain Temple and Surya Narayan Temple which have now-a-days, gained popularity as the famous tourist spots. To cater to the inflow of tourists from all over the world, new hotels have been developed. Many old Havellies of eminent people have also been converted into hotels. Among the most beautiful and contemporary Ranakpur hotels and resorts, Mana Hotels hold a respectable reputation in this region.

Mana Ranakpur stands out from the crowd in an instant because of its colossal building with contemporary architecture. The metal framework of the building gives it an ultra-modern look and professionally landscaped gardens and surrounding space makes it a pleasurable place to spend leisure time with your loved ones. Mana Ranakpur also has a nice swimming pool, restaurant and space to offer bullock cart rides to its guests.


There are many activities the guests can participate in, some of which include outdoor excursions and there are many more which are carried out in-campus. The most famous is the hot air balloon ride, which is exclusive during Maan Event. Apart from that, there is a heritage train ride, bullock cart ride, and animal rides. Other outdoor activities include trekking to Tirthankar trail, morning yoga sessions and evening high tea at Ranakpur Dam, special Rajasthani lunch at Thandi Beri, Sadri market visit, visit to Raika (camel rearing tribe) Homes, Aarogyadham, and local farmer’s market. At farmer’s market, the guests can also buy ingredients for their cookery classes organized by world class chefs at Mana Ranakpur. Then there are outdoor activities that aren’t included in the package, but can be arranged for, like visit to Kumbhalgarh Fort, Wildlife Safari and Ranakpur Jain Temple.

The major indoor activities include Rajasthani Massage (champi), DJ night, and Rain Dance. The indoor activities also include Rajasthani pottery classes, multi-cuisine cookery classes for the guests, and T-shirt painting for the kids. The guests can also request for the exclusive indoor activities like arrangement for a private romantic candle-light dinner, and evening tea or dinner in the balcony of their rooms, Lunch by the pool.

With exclusive offers available for different occasions and celebrations organized for the same, Mana Ranakpur is always an inviting and welcoming place for the tourists who wish to visit Ranakpur, alike for both short and long vacations. For providing such an exclusive experience of Rajasthan’s rich religious, historical and cultural heritage, Mana Ranakpur is rated on all major sites, like TripAdvisor, as one of the best hotels in Ranakpur. Professionally trained courteous staff and willingness to go to any lengths when it comes to delight of the guests makes the stay at Mana Ranakpur an unforgettable experience for all the guests.

Check-in to the famous resort of Ranakpur- Mana Ranakpur

A vacation is the time that everyone waits for, people search for places where they can enjoy to the fullest. Rajasthan is the most famous places to visit during vacations for its rich history, heritage, culture, food, beauty etc. Ranakpur in Rajasthan is the city with rich heritage and closer to the nature so this place sees regular tourists coming all around the world. Ranakpur sightseeing’s like Ranakpur Jain Temple, Ranakpur dam, jungle safari and many more, are famous all over the world.

Room. REST. rejuvenate

With coming of many tourists in this place various resorts in Ranakpur has opened. One such resort in Ranakpur that is up to world class standards are the Mana Ranakpur. Mana Ranakpur located in the magnificent valley of Aravalli. Mana Ranakpur provides affordable luxury rooms for its guests. We have various room options like villas, suite, deluxe, standard deluxe which the guests can choose depending on their requirements. We arrange for various outdoor activities for our guests like Malgarh jeep safari, Tirthankar trail, stud farm etc. The food in Ranakpur is known throughout the country so the same we give to our guest, we have various indoor and outdoor dining spaces where the guests can enjoy the best of Ranakpur and Rajasthan cuisine, made by the famous chefs. At Mana Ranakpur we a Bollywood and fusion themed meals where we are clubbing two very popular aspects of Indian culture – Bollywood and a Thali meal. We will be serving a fusion version of the ‘Thali’ meal with emphasis on local Rajasthani and continental preparations.

Affordable Luxury

Besides accommodation and food we have separate space for celebration, functions, social gatherings or even office conference and seminars. Various wedding ceremonies have taken place in our space we consider it our great honor when a family considers us for celebrating this occasion. Beside wedding space we have conference and off-site space where we have a Conference room with audio visual facilities, finger licking food and beverage menu’s, great options for entertainment, plenty of site seeing options and budget friendly packages make Mana Ranakpur a great venue for MICE events.

Now come the most fun part of the stay, the fun activities that we have for our guests like indoor and outdoor sports and games, we have dedicated fun activities for kids like outdoor wings, camel rides, t-shirt painting, horse riding. We also have various cultural events, dance, music vents in our resort and the most famous and adventurous event is the Maan event which is full of attractive and fun activities @INR 16000/- per couple. There are many other offers which the guests can check from our website before booking the resort. We also focus on giving best hospitality service to our guests and will continue to do so. We invite guests to visit any time of the year and the prices are really affordable as compared other resorts in the area.

All these attractive offers and service make us the Ranakpur resort the best in the area.

So, don’t waste any more time and book as early as possible to experience the magical world.

Mana Hotels: The best resort near Kumbhalgarh

Rajasthan is scattered with a number of forts, palaces and lakes that have been used by royal families for about 2000 years, the oldest of which is supposed to be built in second century A.D. Out of the majestic Rajasthani fort palaces, the most famous is Kumbhalgarh Fort, which is the second largest fort after Chittorgarh fort. This fort was built somewhere in 6th century and Rajput Rulers of Mewar region have been taking care of this fort ever since. Although that’s just one attraction in a huge package of Kumbhalgarh sightseeing, which includes Badal Mahal, Kumbhalgarh National Park and nearby places of religious, historical and cultural importance, like Ranakpur. Badal Mahal is built on the top of Kumbhalgarh fort, famous for its grand architecture and spellbinding scenic beauty seen from there. Kumbhalgarh National Park is loved by adventurous people who love trekking, leopard safari and exploring wilderness. And Ranakpur is famous for its biggest Jain temple. Strategically located close to all these places, Mana Hotels is the best resort to stay while visiting here.

Mana Hotels is one of the best Resorts near Kumbhalgarh, offering everything that is luxurious and expected from a luxury resort and so much more to its guests, which is the reason it has been rated among the top hotels in Ranakpur in all the well-known travel websites. Trip Advisor has become the standard website where all the resorts and hotels are ranked according to the ratings as provided by the people who post the reviews, and these real time reviews become the magnitude of the points that it gets, after which it is ranked, and to the utter pleasure of the Mana Hotel Staff, it has been ranked second among all the hotels in or nearby Ranakpur. The architecture, services and cost effectiveness have been ranked as the best in all classes of resorts, and it is being counted among the best luxury hotels.

Mana has gained this repute for its exceptional services, which are discussed in almost all the reviews, complimenting the whole staff or a member in particular for taking great care of their guests. The best part of Mana is that it has married modern look and luxury with traditional realm and royalty of Rajasthan, which conveys Rajasthan’s rich culture effectively, without making its guests uncomfortable, or left disconnected because of their urbane choices. All the experiences at one place are not just hard to find, they are impossible to find under one roof, and Mana excels in it by complementing traditional with modern at its best, which makes it the winner among the best hotels in Ranakpur, to get a wholesome, all inclusive vacation experience.